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Fitness Trackers and Smart Watches for Kids

Today we are going to discuss few smartwatches which are profitable for kids with especially respect to health. Such smart watches have a larger set of functions than simple pedometers for children, in addition, they provide a system of incentives, which is implemented in a play form, which will appeal to your child.

Since these smart watches are designed specifically for children, they are more durable, usually easier to use and much cheaper than smart watches for adults.


They also have many interesting functions for your child, for example, a camera. Such a royal london watches or smart clock in Pakistan will be an excellent gift for your child on New Year or Christmas.






Leapband - a fitness bracelet designed specifically for children. For each fitness achievement, your child will receive points or points, which can then be spent on unlocking the next pet, which is somewhat reminiscent of a forgotten, but such a lovely pet, like Tamagotchi. Once the pet is selected, it will grow as your child's fitness progresses.


LeapBrog LeapBand Activity Tracker


The activity tracker is configured in such a way that it poses certain tasks for your child, for example, to crawl like a worm or march like an elephant to thereby significantly increase the physical activity of your child.


This device without a touch screen, which can be a bit confusing to children, which usually use touch screens.


This device also does not have the ability to track activity above a specified level. The main goal of the device is to increase the motor activity of the child. That is, it makes your child go up and move more.

Available colors in Market: blue, green, pink
Age: 4 - 7 years
tracks: level of physical activity

Special features: tasks to increase activity, customizable pets, analog / digital clock, adjustable strap, rechargeable battery, waterproof, connection to the LeapFrog system via a special application





These smart watches from Orbo combine a fitness tracker with a lot of interesting features that your kid will definitely love. This will be the first hours of your child with a touch screen that will look no worse than your Apple Watch. Your child will learn to determine the time, play funny games or education and be able to use these watch as a calculator.


Despite the fact that Orbo watches do not have a primary goal to track fitness achievements, they include a pedometer to keep track of your baby's steps. It is worth noting that the coolest functions of this device have nothing to do with fitness.


The most interesting feature is the presence of a built-in camera, that is, your child can take video and do selfie right from the wrist.


The clock provides the ability to answer phone calls when the phone is in the immediate vicinity of the clock, so if you want to use other messaging capabilities, you should take a closer look at the clock with the GPS module.


Available colors: blue, pink
Tracks: steps
Characteristic features: educational applications, answer to phone calls, built-in camera, expandable memory (up to 32 GB), charging via microUSB cable




VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX is one of the most advanced smart watches for children in the market that are on the market today.


This is a touch screen clock with a lot of useful applications that will allow your child to shoot video, play games and learn the time ondim by touch.


They also have a camera that can take photos and videos (it is also convenient to do SELFI).


A pedometer is provided to monitor the level of activity in the clock. In addition, the clock provides a function of tasks, the execution of which is monitored by the movement sensor in the watch's bracelet. This watch will be able to motivate your baby to be more active. In this watch there is no possibility to answer SMS or phone calls, but this is one of the best smart watches for children.

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