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How to Distinguish the Educated Person from Education?

Many of us are familiar with annoying phrases like: "Higher education now is stability in the future" or "Without education nowhere anywhere." It seems that it sounds right, but is it really so?


Around the demand for higher education, there are many stereotypes and opinions among people. At the same time, installations can change even during the lifetime of one generation. However, between educated people and with education there is a significant difference. What is it?


How can I get an education?


There are, at first glance, two very close concepts - education and education. Which are not at all identical.

Education is the process of gaining knowledge. And knowledge can be obtained in different ways.


Let's look at how.


1. Visits to educational institutions (universities, schools etc.)

Educational institutions often require confirmation of received knowledge, a little less often - the ability to apply them in practice. However, it is far from always the fact of visiting educational institutions that makes a person educated.


2. Online Courses


3. Self-education (books, programs, electronic resources)

The beauty of self-education is that it can be accompanied by testing the learner with the help of methods chosen by him alone i.e 1st year & 2nd year Notes. Sometimes he can apply to specialized institutions, for example, so that they can issue a certificate after passing the test, confirming a certain level of knowledge.


4. Individual communication with consultants, mentors, trainers


What is the difference?


In short, education is the result of a person's education. Education is the process of acquiring knowledge.

From this follows one simple conclusion: not every person who was formally able to get an education is in fact educated.


Education, first of all, is correlated with the practice and ability to apply the acquired knowledge.


Undoubtedly, many great minds really studied and graduated from various universities. But their success is rather not thanks to the university, but in spite of it. In this situation, you just need to dig a little deeper and find out that, perhaps, a "successful graduate" started working in the first or second year.


Is it worth getting an education at the university?


It is popular to say that in the modern world, the formation of informal character is gaining momentum - something that was not received at school or university, but gaining experience in the process of communicating with other people.


This certainly has some truth, but do not rush to extremes.


This method of obtaining education has a disadvantage - it is rather narrow. Acquiring skills and skills, we will be able to apply them only in the relations in which they are obtained. A person can have difficulties communicating in other areas.

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