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Students Friendship as the basis for the Future Business Partnership

Already in the second week hesitant freshmen get acquainted with their bandmates, and at the end of the month they already translate many of their colleagues to the rank of friends. A chance meeting in the library, acquaintance in line at the buffet or participating in a student's party can give you a true friend for many years. In the twenty-first century, a phenomenon such as Team building spread , when a special student event is organized, so that freshmen get acquainted and make friends. Why does friendship take such an important place in student life and what unites institute friends?

Joint pastime. If you study in one educational institution, you will see one way or another often, and your communication will always be relevant. Student friends share all the events that happen to them, together make changes, visit the library, and also try to plan, as far as possible, a joint way home. Friends seem to share each other's lives, and at this stage we can say that they know almost everything about each other.

Exchange of thoughts. Student friendship is not only joint gatherings in a cafe and discussion of common stud drujba2acquaintances, but also a productive exchange of thoughts. Modern youth grows and develops in conditions of open information space, therefore it has a corresponding perception. The reason for a constructive dialogue can be reading a new book, a joint trip to the cinema, a television news release, an acquaintance with an interesting person - there are a lot of topics that arouse lively interest and readiness to share their findings.

General circle of friends. Answering the question: "What does my student life mean?" Many are by no means limited to enumerating the items listed in the timetable, but referring to all their institutional friends. And this is natural, because when you spend so much time together, you begin to believe that your company is one family, and it is impossible to imagine life outside the general circle of acquaintances, where everyone knows everything about everyone and wants to do everything together - celebrate holidays, prepare for the session , to go on excursions. In the student company is not at all scared to get into trouble - there will always be those who will pull you out of it.

Preparation for the session. What is good about student friendship is that, while preparing for tests and exams, you can count on the help of your colleagues, who can differently express - to rewrite the abstract, explain the problem issue or simply provide moral support. There are cases when classmates prepared for the exam collectively, distributing blocks of works among themselves, and participating in joint discussion of issues.

Participation in student projects. During the student life, the children take part in various projects, both in the educational and "extracurricular" life - developing the marketing strategy of the enterprise, drawing up a business plan, organizing a concert performance, holding a banquet, etc. During the joint work, each of the participants can reveal not only their human qualities, but also demonstrate the ability to work in a team, which is one of the most important competences for working in business.

Common interests. If people do not pursue selfish interest, they will not be friends with those who have no common interests with them. Student friendship is based on the same musical tastes, habits, literary preferences, views on life. Spiritual intimacy between friends creates a certain value field that not only unites people, but also contributes to their self-development, and can even push to great achievements.

Why go far or how a student friend can become a good business partner.

After graduation, each graduate chooses his own way. Many associate life with business, and try to implement their own projects. However, it is impossible to implement a large-scale project alone, any businessman needs a companion whom he would trust as himself. Someone is trying to "see" the business partner in an inexperienced relative ( which can be a big adventure, because no devotion will replace professional knowledge ), someone attracts foreign consultants ( who will easily work for a competitor if they are more paid ), and to whom it is more profitable to "educate" your students (an option is good, but are you ready to wait and suffer ).

Dear entrepreneurs, try to consider an alternative option and involve a person from a past student life in the work on a joint project! Why? Let's think about what the former student friends can have in common.

Scientific school. Graduates of one educational institution listened to the courses of the same teachers and have approximately similar knowledge and views on doing business. In the discussion of professional topics, student friends use the same terminology, and understand each other with a half-word (which has been formed since the time of student friendship). Therefore, you can instruct your business partner to do something ( and not be afraid that at the meeting he only pretended that he understood everything, but in reality he did not understand anything and the task would certainly fail ).

Baggage of knowledge. After graduation, yesterday's students have certain knowledge that they want to learn how to apply in practice. In joint work, it is very important that your companion knows and knows what you know, because the laws of management can be studied using various practical examples, which determines their different perceptions in terms of practical implementation . However, if the basics of marketing or logistics are explained to you by the same teacher, it will be much easier to find a common language with a new business partner than with an inexperienced newcomer.

Professional Ethics. Far from always all the participants in business processes are honest and decent people - among them there are plenty of "hackers" who perform their work poorly, "lazy people" working "from leap to jerk", and even "defectors" ready to move to competitors for more high salary. Student friendship is not only mutual trust, but also collective respect, as well as mutual recognition of professionalism, based on long-term observations of each other's successes. Respect is the foundation on which reliable partnerships can be built.

Experience in project management. Innovative methods of teaching business disciplines involve the participation of students in various projects, where they learn to work in a team and by the method of "trial and error" determine for themselves the optimal job responsibilities. People who know each other on working together during the student life are much easier to work together in the future.

Value field. The student's life is not only study, but also socialization. During training, a person

Businessman and businesswoman having an animated conversation outdoors, in a classic city.

certain values ​​are formed that are directly related to the educational institution and the immediate environment. Choosing a business partner, it is much easier to communicate with a person who has similar views on life, because in the modern information space, a lot of things, because of which you can quarrel.

General business contacts. Student friends try to maintain relations after graduating from university, which then can go into business cooperation. The presence of a partner will help to establish business contacts with old friends much quicker and create a reliable partner network that will promote business development, increase its efficiency, and exclude, for example, information leakage or disruption of the planned transaction.

Have you decided to implement your own project and are in search of a business partner? Look around, maybe you should not look for it, but you just need to look more closely at those whom you already know well , and with whom you have common professional interests. If you are afraid of spoiling the relationship, then look at the situation from the other side - is it really that, having existed for five years in an atmosphere of complete agreement and trust, you can not trust a close person with joint ideas and translate your relationship into a business partnership stage? Think about it, an old friend is better than the new two!

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