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What is Distance Learning : A Different way of Schooling

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Distance education or distance education is a different type of schooling in which classes are sent to the student's home. He works under the tutelage of an adult , most often his parents, and sends exercises to correction.

For what reasons ? Who is this teaching for?

to parents who wish to teach their own children while enjoying a school structure (presence and monitoring of a teacher, guidance, consistent programs ...)
parents who are momentarily confronted with a difficulty in their child's school career: expatriation, precocity, slowness, failure, dyslexia, difficult graphics, conflict, violence, illness ...,
children who need adapted schedules (competitive sport, conservatory of music, dance ...),
to all those who want to complete the teaching that their child receives in one or two subjects,
the founders of schools that have thus a "turnkey" program.
The sixth grade is particularly aimed at parents who wish to consolidate or have their child acquire methods and habits of work, autonomy, better control of restitution.

How it works ?

Distance education does not require any special skill on the part of the adult repeater.

But this requires rigor , authority , organization , good time discipline , strong motivation , full daily availability of two to three hours minimum (depending on the class). The success of distance education is based on the commitment of the parents and the pupil, especially on the part of the pupil.

Each work module is validated by a set of exercises in all the subjects to be subjected to the correction very regularly .

These exercises are sent to a teacher with whom the pupil and his family can have epistolary, telephone or electronic contacts .

The transition to the higher class is done according to the regularity and the quality of the work provided.

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