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Why we Should use Bing Advertising?

In 2009, the search engine Bing was launched by the software manufacturer Microsoft and has since been developed many times. However, Bing advertising is still in the shadow of the market's strongest search engine Google. That's why companies mostly rely on Google AdWords .

However, Bing has been diligently gaining market share since 2009. This is because many companies are equipped with Microsoft products. In these products, the search engine Bing is automatically integrated and is therefore used consciously or unconsciously. In addition, Bing focuses primarily on the target group of the 35-year-old, so that this search engine is used primarily for potentially particularly willing to pay customers.

Google Adwords vs. Bing advertising

The biggest difference lies in the range and the costs.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Bing Advertising

Advantages of Bing Ads:

Bing Ads offer a better price / performance ratio, campaigns are usually cheaper than Google AdWords. The reason for this is the lower competition, which leads to cheaper CPCs, a higher position and thus to higher click rates. Advertisers can therefore earn additional conversions at lower prices.
App install ads, ad extensions, targeting tools, remarketing and shopping campaigns can all be used.
Existing AdWords campaigns can be imported via the Bing Editor at the click of a mouse.

Disadvantages Bing Ads:

Display Ads do not exist in the European market.

There are fewer bid strategies.

Ads are played in the browser regardless of language settings. The ad delivery depends on the destination country: In Switzerland only French and German -> no Italian.
The interface has long load times.

Although Bing Ads has a lower range, but also less competition and thus can be achieved a better price / performance ratio. We definitely recommend advertisers to run Bing Ads as a supplement to Google AdWords. This will optimize the reach, success and ROI of search engine marketing.

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