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Top Questions to ask your Girlfriend for Better Relationship

You are at the beginning of your relationship, it is important to know if you are on the same wavelength, if you see things the same way in your relationship. These 20 questions allow you to know your compatibility.

# 1 How do you define great love?

# 2 What are you most proud of in our relationship?

# 3 Do you trust me?

# 4 If I told you I want an open relationship, what would you say?

# 5 What are the three key elements of a successful romantic relationship in your opinion?

# 6 How do you think we'll celebrate our 6 months, 1 year of dating?

# 7 If you dedicated a song to me on the radio, which one would you choose?

# 8 What would you do to cheer me up if I was depressed?

# 9 What's the worst gift I gave you?

# 10 What is the best gift I have given you?

# 11 What did you think of me when you met me?

# 12 If I had to leave for a few months for work, would you wait for me?

# 13 Do you like couple role-playing games?

# 14 What is the ideal romantic evening for you?

# 15 What's the best way to spend a rainy afternoon?

# 16 Do you know if I'm the right person, the one you'll stay with for the rest of your life?

# 17 Have you ever thought about ending our relationship?

# 18 What do you like best about me?

# 19 What do you think is my worst flaw?

# 20 Would you like to change something in our relationship?

20 questions to ask your girlfriend about her vision for the future

How does she imagine her life in 1 year, 5 or even 10 years? What are his dreams and his plans? Even if you have lost your love and want to back than read it. Does she see the future with you? Here or somewhere else ? So many questions that will help you situate yourself in your budding relationship.

# 1 How do you imagine your life in a year?

# 2 What would your dream house look like?

# 3 The definition of your perfect day?

# 4 What are you looking forward to?

# 5 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

# 6 Would you like to live abroad? If so, where?

# 7 Do you want children? Do you want more?

# 8 Are you thinking of moving?

# 9 Do you have a professional project that you would like to achieve?

# 10 What's the next trip you would like to take?

# 11 Does he see the future with me?

# 12 Would you like to buy a house?

# 13 Do you see yourself more as a working girl or a stay-at-home mom?

# 14 Would you like to live off your passion?

# 15 Could you ditch everything here for a new life elsewhere?

# 16 Would you like to be your own boss?

# 17 Are you for or against marriage?

# 18 What is your definition of success?

# 19 Do you want a big family?

# 20 What is happiness for you?

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